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Yours agencies in Saint-Raphaël

Boulouris Immobilier - Côté Demeure - Port Santa Lucia Immobilier - l'Agence du sud

Live in Saint-Raphaël...

From the old "village district" where lived the Saint-Raphaël farmers remain today the narrow, shaded streets that make up the old town.
Every day, this area hosts a market for flowers and vegetables where you only find typical Provençal food.
A little further stands the Romanesque church historical monument, which was enlarged in the eighteenth century, but built in the twelfth century! Presbytery now houses the Archaeological Museum of Saint-Raphaël. His watchtower 22m, dated around XIV century, offers a splendid panorama.
The "Marine Area", once frequented by fishermen of the city, has gradually turned into seaside resort. A casino, and numerous villas were built there to create a center attractive city.

Saint-Raphaël is a popular sun-baked seaside resort spreading over 36 km of pristine coastline, between the massif of the Estérel and the Mediterranean Sea. Visitors are always amazed by the unique beauty of the coves and inlets that have been carved out of the rock by turquoise waves.

Known for its hospitality since the Victorian Era, the city of Saint-Raphaël has 36,000 inhabitants and features a thriving commercial centre and several neighbourhoods on the waterfront, each one with its own identity: the old town, the town centre, Valescure, Boulouris, Le Dramont, Agay, Anthéor and Le Trayas.

Experience the pleasure of wandering the old streets of Saint-Raphaël, stop to visit the 2nd century Romanesque church and the Archaeological Museum, where you can climb the watchtower to enjoy a lovely view of the bay. Visit the old port to see the fishermen at work, walk on the beach, or take a stroll all the way to the Santa Lucia port. Because Saint-Raphaël became a popular seaside resort in the 19th century, the Casino and many luxurious villas were built during this time.

Saint-Raphaël is the perfect place to slow down and enjoy life on the Riviera!

Known today as the “Quartiers des Golfs” (the Golf Course neighbourhood), the name “Valescure” is thought to be the contraction of the Latin name Vallis Curans, which means “the valley that cures”.

At the end of the 19th century, this neighbourhood caught Lord Aschomb’s attention: he was charmed by the mild climate and the beauty of the old Umbrella pines that silently ruled the hills. One of the neighborhood’s two 18-hole golf courses was built then, and it was among of the first fully equipped golf courses in France.

Today, Valescure is a quiet neighbourhood full of magnificent villas, hotels, holiday residences and preserved areas.

The golf courses are both located in a residential area:
Golf de Valescure
Golf de l’Estérel
The "Golf Académie" features a 9 hole course for young beginners.

4 estate agents at your service

All 4 ideally located in the commune of Saint Raphael? And enjoying prime locations in popular neighborhoods. We offer all year round a wide choice of properties? For sale in the old as in the new. Our property advisers await you and provide you with their knowledge? Market, industry, professionalism and discretion. You are looking for a good on the sector you wish to sell your property? Look no further you are at right place.

The agency of the real estate south

Synonymous with trust, integrity, discretion and excellence; it is with pleasure that the team AGENCY SOUTH offer you tailored services.


Ideally located on one of the most beautiful roads of the coast, halfway between Cannes and St Tropez, our agency offers a wide showcase of choice and quality. With our knowledge of the Saint-Raphael area and its surroundings, we can advise you to carry out your real estate projects.

Purchases, sales, promotions … A wide choice of apartments and villas await you.


Councillors graduates:

Marie-Charlotte CINTAZ and Jodie RICH are available to discuss your real estate projects and finally … the leap from dream to reality!

Jodie RICH Conseillère immobilier 0665428863
Marie Charlotte DE CINTAZ Conseillère immobilier 0619364064


has been established for several years in the city center. Its idyllic location in the heart of downtown, close to the Basilica of Our Lady, the famous Place Coulet, and sandy beaches. Easy access, with many parking nearby, and the train station within walking distance. The expertise and professionalism of our team makes it a leading player in the city.

Our employees all have a perfect knowledge of Saint Raphael and the surrounding area, thereby presenting throughout the year to our customers the most comprehensive offer of Villas and Apartments to buy or sell.

Marie-Pierrre JARDEL Conseillère immobilier 0611630441
Romain PINNA Conseiller immobilier 0650805139


is located on the marina in a city of Saint Raphael. The new port area between the plate and our lady Plains is very popular for these amenities, the restaurants and its proximity to the beaches and downtown. It is also in the construction of new luxury housing that has proven itself for over 15 years.

Christophe BINOT Conseiller immobilier 04 94 83 11 22
Stephan AUZEBY Conseiller immobilier 0683024444

The agency Boulouris Real Estate,

located in the heart of the shopping center, with its fifteen years of service, is now part of Boulouris. This area, which is often associated as “A village in the city of Saint Raphael” is very active summer and winter. We find there all shops nearby. One of its strengths is its railway station that allows you to reach the city center and Cannes, Nice, ect …. You will love its weekly Provencal market, its beautiful coves far from the center of the madness.

Arthur BINOT Conseiller immobilier 0647947462
Doriane DIEZ Conseillère immobilier 06 09 65 45 86

Your project ... ?

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  • City
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    • Fréjus
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    • Bagnols-en-Forêt
    • Le Dramont
    • Saint Aygulf
    • Les Adrets de L'Estérel
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